What is the Best Time to go to Paris?

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You are planning a trip to Paris and you need to figure out all your travel details. One of the big decision is when should you go. You are asking what is the best time to go to Paris? This is the first question I would figure out before going or booking my travel. The key to answering the question is do you want to go during the busy season or the less busy season.

To understand which time of year would be best for what you want to do in Paris we need to look at what each season offers.

The low tourist season Paris (January-March)

You can probably guess why this is the low season for tourism. The dates for lower tourist activity is from January to March. People have their kids in school at this time so naturally traveling anywhere decreases during this period. Paris is also cold and wet at this time of year so walking around to view the sites will not be as enjoyable as a sunny day in June.

The great thing about going to Paris at this time is the hotel and air rates will be much cheaper. You will also have much smaller crowd sizes at the major tourist attractions.

The middle season for tourist going to Paris (April-May than End September-November)

This is not the peak season but will still be very busy. Paris is a major tourist area so besides the low season all the other months are packing in the tourist. The weather is better during this time and the crowds will not be as bad as peak season but you still need to be prepared. The prices may be a little lower but you are in a major city so costs do not come down much from the peak season.

High traffic season (June to Mid September and Christmas Time)

Like most tourist destinations Paris is the busiest during the summer months. This is when the kids are out of school with families taking their vacations. You are going to have long waits to get into the attractions and tourist spots in Paris.

December is busy with the holidays plus the shopping.

August will be a weird month in Paris. Many of the locals head to the coast or on their own vacation so you will see fewer locals. The smaller stores or shops may have limited hours or be closed.

When to go for the holidays

You can see all the decorations for the holiday in November and December in Paris. The department stores are fully decked out for all the tourist to do their shopping. The other large monuments and attractions will be decorated for the holidays. You can also visit the Christmas market (Marches De Noel) which opens up in December.

Viewing the gardens and flowers in Paris

The spring and summer will bring about the blooming of flowers. The pretty gardens will amaze you with the pretty colors. You have the incredible rose gardens at Parc de Bagatelle plus the L‘Hay-les-Roses you can visit.

Visiting the great museums in Paris

You know based on the season information we provided above January to March is the best times to visit museums in Paris. You can purchase the Paris Museum Pass which will give you access to over 50 of monuments and the museums in town. You can check each museum to see when they have night hours. This is a perfect time to go see the sites because most crowds will thin out by 6 pm.

The average weather in Paris

Let’s look at the lows and highs for Paris.

January                36 to 45F
February              37 to 47F
March                   41 to 53F
April                       44 to 58F
May                       51 to 66F
June                      56 to 71F
July                        60 to 76F
August                  60 to 76F
September         54 to 69F
October               49 to 60F
November          41 to 51F
December           38 to 46F

The weather in Paris it really never gets too cold and it rarely snows there.

January – This month will be the coldest so if you go make sure you dress properly. You will get rain and snow which is quite common so make sure to visit the attractions that are inside like the museums.

February – Like January this will be another cold month. Do the same thing you would do in January stay inside.

March – The month is a little warmer but don’t let that fool you it will still be cold so keep dressing appropriately.

April – Spring is coming but can be a mixed bag of weather. One minute it’s raining the next it is sunny. It will still be a bit chilly sometimes at night and in the morning.

May – The days are warm and it is really nice weather in the spring. The nights and early mornings will still be cold. Make sure you have a warm jacket with you.

June – The summer is here and the temperatures rise up. Make sure you bring a light jacket in the morning and at night for the chilly evenings.

July – The weather can be hot. Drink plenty of water so as to not get dehydrated. Paris does have bad humidity sometimes.

August – The heat is still going. This is when many people travel to the cooler coast.

September – This month rocks with little rain, lower humidity, and more natural temperature.

October – Heading into fall so things will cool down.

November – The temperature will drop and the rain can pick up in this month.

December – This is the month of rain for Paris. It is not so much a downpour but more of drizzle. Since days get shorter the lights in the city look great longer into the night,

Key events you may want to plan your trip around. I also included the month these happen.

  • Bastille Day this happens in July
  • Tour de France is in July
  • Fete de la Musique June
  • Armistice Day November
  • Le Salon Nauitque de Paris is in December
  • Foire du Trone check out in March
  • VE Day is in May
  • French Open Tennis May-June

I hope this gave you the information you needed on weather, rain and things you can do when visiting. Make sure you plan out the months you want to go. Then based on the months map out a plan for your trip. Then book the trip so you can enjoy the trip to  Paris.