Accommodation in Paris

Accommodation in Paris is generally expensive. Below are a few points to help you reduce costs. 

  • Booking your accommodation in outer Paris. Visit our transport in Paris section for how Paris is connected with its suburbs.
  • A family or a group of people get advantages from booking an entire apartment or studio.

List of accommodation in Paris


There are many hotels in the Parisian region. Hotel rooms are generally pretty congested in Paris. Considering a tourist, a spaced bedroom is not necessary for his stay. For single-night stays, hotel rooms are a good option.


Booking a studio is one of the best options in Paris. It is similar to a one-room apartment. This option is highly recommended for a group of two or three people. A studio normally comes with extra utilities like a microwave oven, refrigerator, and kitchen area. 


Booking an apartment is a good option for people coming in large groups. Apartments also include almost all utilities like a microwave oven, refrigerator, kitchen area, and separate bedrooms. For a family, booking an apartment is highly recommended. 


Staying in a hostel is a very reliable option in Paris. Most of the hostels provide individual beds in a room or a dormitory and a shared bathroom. Also, the hostels are located in central areas and are easily accessible by public transport.   


Staying in with somebody else. It is the cheapest way to stay in Paris. People with rooms or space to spare in their apartments or houses lend you a stay for the time of your travel. It includes flat sharing or room sharing. 

Batobus Paris

Seine river cruise and hop-on hop-off in Paris, enjoy both and pay for one.

Open Bus tours

One of the best ways to move around Paris city. 

Paris Museum Pass

One Pass – Many Museums. Get priority entry with less expense. 

Advice From Us

Before booking your accommodation go to the reviews and check the credibility of the stay. You can filter the results as you want. Do not forget to check the locality of the stay,  especially considering late evening travels, as stays in these areas are much cheaper than others. So please don’t consider only the price of the stay (your security matters too!). If you plan one or two months before your visit you can book your accommodation at a lower price.

We will give you some cool tips to book your stay. The below image shows the landmarks of the main attractions inside Paris. The numbers indicate the districts of Paris. You can use this number on filters in online platforms. For example, the Eiffel tower is located in District 7, Champs Elysees is in district 8, etc. Accommodations in these areas are likely to be costly.

Main attractions is marked on paris map

If you go outside of these main areas you will get better deals. Paris is pretty well-connected with public transport, so if you are ready to travel for 20-25 minutes, you will get better accommodation at a better price.

We introduce you to the different online platforms for booking your stay in Paris.  If you book through the links on our site, we may earn an affiliate commission, at no additional cost to you, and therefore you will get great pricing.

As everyone knows “” holds the number one position among hotel booking platforms. In Paris city, more than 6000 properties are registered with So you can select from a wide range of facilities. The main advantage is that you can filter the options according to your needs. No matter the conditions, locality of your stay, your budget, hotel or apartment or hostel, rooms with an Eiffel tower view, near famous landmarks, etc. Enter your travel dates below and a new window will take you to the results page of

Agoda is a new emerging online platform in Europe for the hotel room booking industry. Sometimes you might get better deals on Agoda than on any other platforms. It is clearly not necessary to stick to a single booking site for your accommodation.

We have other recommendations that will help you if you are searching for a hostel. HOSTELWORLD is an online platform for booking accommodation and it has better hostel deals than any other platform.

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