Move around Paris Orly Airport

Orly Airport is one of the main airports in the Paris region. Before the construction of CDG airport in 1970, Orly airport was the main airport in Paris. It is located in zone 4 of the Paris public transport. There are 4 terminals in Orly airport which are named as Orly 1, 2, 3 and 4. Before 2019, the terminals of the Orly airport were named as Orly Sud (Orly south) and Orly Ouest (Orly west) which were two separate buildings located on the south and the west side of the airport compound. In 2019 the new terminal 3 opened which connected the south and west buildings. After the construction of the new terminal, the airport was renamed as Paris Orly with terminals as Orly 1,2,3 and 4 respectively. 

Orly Airport map

Transfer between terminals

The airport terminals are all within walking distance. If you have a transfer between terminal 1 and terminal 4, it is recommended to take the Orlyval metro. Orlyval has stops in terminals 1 and 4. It takes only 2 minutes for the transfer. Transfer between these terminals is free in the “Orlyval” light metro. Terminal 1 is located right end of the building and terminal 4 is located left end of the building. So if you decided to walk, it would take you a minimum of 15 – 20 minutes to reach your terminal. To go to other terminals a 5-minute walk is sufficient.

Airport shuttles

There are many options available to move between Orly Airport and its surroundings.

Between Paris and Orly

Public transports and taxis are the main options available for travelers to move around Paris city center and the airport. Paris Orly airport is accessible 24/7 by Paris public transport. Which is a very reliable option for passengers to move in and around Paris. The special metro service “Orlyval” and a special bus service “Orlybus” are the dedicated services of RATP for the passengers. Not only these but, other pocket-friendly ways also exist to reach Paris. 

To know more about public transport and the famous “Navigo Découverte ” pass, visit travel between Orly airport and Paris, explaining everything including the pros and cons.

Open Bus tours

One of the best ways to move around Paris city. 

Paris-Orly car parking shuttle

To go from the car parking to the terminals of the airport free shuttle buses are available. These buses run 7/7 from 03:00 Am to 01:00 Am. You can access the shuttle in front of terminals 1-2-3 and terminal 4.

Stops reserved

– Paris-Orly 1, 2 and 3 <=> PEco (access to parking PEco, PEco 2) <=> Cœur d’Orly (access to parking P8 & P18)

– Paris-Orly 4 <=> Cœur d’Orly (access to parking P8 & P18) <=> PEco (access to parking PEco, PEco 2).

Frequency: 20 minutes

Orly Airport to Disneyland Paris

For the convenience of the passengers, a direct shuttle bus called “Magical Shuttle” is available for tourists visiting Disneyland Paris. It is a 1-hour shuttle that operates every day. The shuttle is a private transfer and therefore a separate ticket is needed for this journey. You can buy the tickets online, from the counter in Orly Airport terminal 1-2-3, or directly from the driver.

Access to magical shuttle

Orly terminal 1-2 bus station: exit at Gate 18

Orly terminal 3 bus station: exit at Gate 22A

Orly terminal 4 bus station: exit at Gate 48A

A one-side ticket costs 23€ for the full fare and for children under 12 years 10€. When you buy through links on our site, we may earn an affiliate commission. This is at no additional cost to you, and you will get great pricing. Thanks for your support!

Transfer between Orly Airport and CDG Airport

No direct transfers are available between Orly airport and CDG airport. To travel between these two airports you can choose from public transport or a taxi. You could take “Orlyval” or “Orlybus”, which links the regional train “RER B” and the airport Orly. Boarding the “RER B” towards the north, with destination “Aéroport CDG”, takes you to the CDG airport. If you have any questions about CDG airport terminals, you can visit our page CDG Airport for clarification.

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