Transfer between Orly airport and Paris center

Orly Airport is located southeast to central Paris. The airport is well connected to the city through public transport. Apart from train and bus services a tramway also connects Orly airport with the city. The airport is located in zone 4 of the Paris public transport network.

It is possible to travel between Orly airport and Paris center by train. The regional train “RER B” and a light metro service called “Orlyval” make it easy for passengers to travel between the airport and Paris center. Also, a shuttle bus service called “Orlybus” runs between “Denfert-Rochereau” (RER B train station) and Orly Airport.

Train from Orly to Paris.

The “Orlyval” is an automatic light metro service that runs between “terminal 1-2-3”, “terminal-4” of the Orly airport and the train station “Antony”. Trains from “Antony” take you to the main city center and CDG Airport also via the “RER B” in the north direction. “Orlyval” has three stops, “Terminal 1-2-3”, “Terminal 4”, and “Antony”. The full journey from Antony and the airport takes 8 minutes approximately. The journey inside the airport compound is free, which means you can travel for free between “Terminal 1-2-3” and “Terminal 4” in “Orlyval”.

The metro starts its journey towards “Antony” from “Terminal 4” via “Terminal 1-2-3”. The journey to “Antony” is payable and you will have to take tickets. One important thing to keep in mind is that the “Orlyval” has a separate ticket for itself and none of the other tickets are accepted, meaning, even the Navigo pass cannot be used in “Orlyval”. The ticket for “Orlyval” costs 11€ for a one-sided journey. The “Orlyval” tickets can be bought online or from the Orly airport’s “Terminal 1” near door “12D” or from “Terminal 4” near door “48A”. If you are coming from Paris you can buy it from any RATP information center in Paris, any RATP automatic ticket vending machine or from the Orlyval kiosk at “Antony” station.

Orlyval Map

On the map, the green colour indicates the free zone and the blue colour indicates the paid zone. You have to take a ticket for travel between Antony and Orly Airport, note that the Navigo or RATP tickets are not the same as this.  

From “Antony” station, you can take “RER B” to Paris going towards the north. If you are coming from Paris, get down at “Antony” station for “Orlyval”. A one-way ticket for the RER costs 3.10€ from the city towards Orly. You can also use your Navigo pass for this journey. Note that, “Antony” is in zone-3, so you can use your Navigo if you recharged for at least zone (1-3). To know more about the Paris zones visit our dedicated page Paris transport zone. The total journey would cost you about 14.10€. The travel time is around 45 – 55 minutes from the Orly Airport to Paris Center. View the RER B plan on a live Google map.

Operating Hours: Orlyval- 06:00 AM to 11:35 PM, RER B – 05:06 AM to 12:10 AM (towards Paris), 05:23 AM to 12:43 AM (towards Antony)

Frequency: 5-7 minutes

Access to Orlyval:

Orly 1-2-3: Departure level, Door 12D (Level 1), there is also an entrance from outside behind the taxi stand.

Orly 4: Arrival level, Door 48A (Level 0). No direct access from outside.

Orlybus from Orly to Paris

Orlybus is a special bus service that runs between Orly airport and “Denfert-Rochereau” RER station. The service runs only for airport passengers, therefore it has only a few stops and takes you to the destination rapidly. The service has two stops inside the airport premises. Passengers coming from terminals 1, 2 and 3 can take the Orlybus from the bus terminal in front of terminal 2. For the passengers of terminal 4, the service has a stop in front of terminal 4.

This shuttle has a unique ticket to access the bus service. The normal t+ tickets (which are normally used in other buses) are not accepted in the Orlybus. However, the Navigo pass is valid if it is recharged for travel between zones 1-4 or 1-5. To know more about the Paris zones visit our dedicated page Paris transport zone.

To go to Paris center, first, take Orlybus from Orly airport (in front of terminals 2 and 4) and get down at the Denfert-Rochereau RER station, which is the last stop of the Orlybus service. From Denfert-Rochereau, you can either take “RER B” or Metro 4, 6 towards Paris. Taking “RER B” is the fastest option to reach the main stations such as Saint Michel Notre Dame, Chatelet les Halles, Gare du Nord etc. To know more about the RER B stations visit the live map. Around 40-45 minutes are required for this total journey.

Orlybus map direction towards Paris

Paris Museum Pass

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If you are coming from Paris, get down at Denfert-Rochereau station and take Orlybus. The bus service starts just in front of the railway station, so it is very easy to find. The bus takes you directly to Orly airport terminal 1 after a stop at “Stade Charléty”.  One of the disadvantages is that the service ends in terminal 1. So if you are going to terminal 4, you might need to change the bus. Either you take the next bus going in the Denfert-Rochereau direction and get down at terminal 4 or, take the free shuttle ORLYVAL from terminal 1. See the map below for a better understanding.

Orlybus map direction towards Orly Airport

The tickets for Orly bus can be bought from automatic RATP ticket vending machines placed near the bus stops or you can get them from the driver. If you are coming from Paris, the tickets are available at all RATP information centres or from any of the Automatic RATP ticket vending machines placed in the stations. There is a new emerging trend to buy Orly tickets on mobile phones at a reduced rate. You can load your ticket onto your phone and can validate it when you enter the bus. To know how you can add a ticket to your mobile, visit the page Paris public transport tickets. If you are using Navigo, you can use it in the “RER B” and also in Metro. Else you can buy your ticket from the RER and Metro stations. The total journey costs around 13.30€ from Orly to Paris center. View the RER B plan on a live Google map.

Travel time: around 25-30 minutes (between Orly and Denfert-Rochereau)

Frequency: 8-15 minutes

Operating Hours: Orlybus – 6:00 AM to 12:30 AM (towards Paris), 5:35 AM to 12:00 AM (towards Airport): RER B – 05:18 AM to 12:39 AM (towards Paris), 05:23 AM to 12:50 AM (towards Denfert-Rochereau).

Tramway from Orly to Paris (The cheapest way to reach Paris center)

Paris is well connected by public transport and there are plenty of options available. A Tram also serves connection link between Orly airport and Paris center. This option is not well known to public, however, it is very economical. It costs only less than half of the other modes of transport. Also it doesn’t take too much extra time. The ticket for the tramway costs only 2.10€. To reach the Paris center you should take the metro service from Villejuif station. This journey also costs 2.10€ so, in total with just 4.20€ you can reach the Paris center. The total travel time is around 1 hour. So this is absolutely a better option to choose from. To make a comparison see the section below.

Access to tram

The tram T7 passes under the terminal 4 of Paris Orly airport and has a stop in front the terminal 4. So if you are coming from terminals 1, 2, or 3, you would need to first take the free Orlyval shuttle and get down at terminal 4. The Tram station is located a few steps away from terminal 4. Follow the T7 (tram 7) board inside terminal 4, through an underpass and you can easily reach the tram station.

This service gives a connection to the “Villejuif – Louis Aragon” metro station, which is the starting station of metro line 7 (M7). The line 7 metro passes through the main stations like Chatelet, Musee de Louvre, Opera etc… The t+ ticket can be used in tram and metro services. The ticket can be purchased from the automatic RATP vending machines near the tram station or you can buy it on your mobile phone at a reduced price.

Comparing Orlyval, Orlybus and Tram7

In this section we are discussing a little about the three main modes of transport between Paris center and Orly airport.

Total time taken (Taking example as Orly airport and Chatelet Les Halles)

  1. Orlyval and RER B – 33 minutes
  2. Orlybus and RER B – 40 minutes
  3. Tram T7 and Metro 7 – 1 hour

Total cost

  1. Orlyval and RER B – 14.10€
  2. Orlybus and RER B – 13.30€
  3. Tram T7 and Metro 7 – 4.20€


  1. Orlyval – 99%
  2. Orlybus – 99%
  3. RER B – 95%
  4. Tram T7 – 99%
  5. Metro – 95%

Let us do a conclusion from a real-life experience.

If you already have the Navigo pass with you, it is recommended to choose the second option Orlybus and RER B. Because Navigo (1-4), (1-5) covers both RER and Orlybus. Also, if there is any heavy traffic interruption in RER B you can take metro 4 from Chatelet to Denfert-Rochereau.

For a rapid transfer, it is recommended to take Orlyval. The Orlyval stations in Orly airport are attached to the terminals and you can enter directly to the terminal. If there is any traffic interruption in RER B it is not recommended to take Orlyval, since you would have to travel 9 more stops to reach Antony station to catch Orlyval. You can check the ongoing interruptions in a navigation app.

If you have enough time and want to save money the third option tramway and the metro is recommended for you.

Other service buses from Orly Airport

Bus 183 (Orly Airport <=> Marche International de Rungis)

The bus 183 connects Orly Airport with the RER C station at Pont de Rungis. You can find the bus terminal in front of terminal 4 in Orly airport.

First service from Orly Airport is at 05:00 AM

Last service from Orly airport: 12:30 AM

Frequency: 15-20 minutes

Tickets: For bus: 2.10€ (t+ tickets), RER C: According to location.

Bus 480 (Orly Airport <=> Gare de Villeneuve-Saint-Georges)

The bus 480 connects Orly Airport with the RER D station at “Villeneuve-Saint-Georges”. You can find the bus terminal in front of “terminal 1-2-3” and “terminal 4” in Orly airport.

First service from Orly Airport is at 06:05 AM

Last service from Orly airport: 23:36 PM

Frequency: 30 minutes

Tickets: For bus: 2.10€ (t+ tickets), RER D: According to location.

Night buses from Orly Airport

Orly airport is well connected with the Paris be it day or night. If you are coming from Orly airport at night or you have flight in the early morning, you can take the night buses to travel between airport and city center. There are 4 buses operating in Orly airport at night. The night bus service in Paris is known as the “Noctilien”.

Noctilien - N22

Paris (Chatelet) <=> Orly Airport (terminal 4) ó Juvisy RER

Travel duration: 60 minutes.

Frequency: 20 minutes

Tariff: 2.10 €.

Operating time: Towards Orly 12:15 AM to 04:35 AM, Towards Paris 12:45 AM to 04:25 AM


Orly Airport (terminal 4) <=> Paris (Gare de Lyon)

Travel Duration: 70 minutes.

Frequency: 30 minutes

Tariff: 2.10€

Operating time: Towards Orly 12:55 AM to 04:25 AM, Towards Paris 12:55 AM to 03:55 AM


Paris (Gare de Lyon) <=> Orly Airport (terminal 1-2-3, terminal 4) ó Bretigny

Travel Duration: 100 minutes.

Frequency: 1 hour

Tariff: 4.20€

Operating time: Towards Orly 01:35 AM to 04:35 AM, Towards Paris 01:00 AM to 04:00 AM


Paris (Gare de Lyon) <=> Orly Airport (terminal 4) ó Gare de Corbeil-Essones

Travel Duration: 28 minutes.

Frequency: 1 hour

Tariff: 4.20€

Operating time: Towards Orly 01:35 AM to 04:35 AM, Towards Paris 01:04 AM to 04:04 AM

Navigo is a travel card used in Paris to validate journeys in the public transport. Navigo can be recharged according to zone and number of days. With a Navigo zone (1-5) recharge, you can travel by any mode of transport (except Orlyval), with unlimited amount of journeys for the time-period the card is recharged.

Protip: If you are staying in Paris for 3-4 days and planning to take public transport, it is recommended to use the Navigo découverte pass. A Navigo one week with the zone (1-5) recharge gives you full freedom on traveling in Paris. You can travel unlimited for one week in any mode of transport starting from Monday to next Sunday (7 days). For this one week unlimited travel costs you just 30€. If you buy a single ticket, to reach the Paris center itself costs you 14.10€. So if you are staying in Paris for 3-4 days, you can save more money this way.

Where can I buy it?

Navigo découverte pass can be bought from the RATP information desks in almost every main station in Paris. The card costs 5€ and you have to paste a stamp size photo on your card. Once you get the card and if you are not familiar with the French language, you can recharge the card easily from any of the automatic ticket vending machines which have multiple language options or you can recharge the card from the counter itself.

Important: Currently the  Navigo découverte pass is not available in Orly Airport !

To avoid all these difficulties (searching for the counter, lack of French language, fixing photo on the card, paying 5€ just for the card) the RATP introduced Navigo on mobile phones. Which gives more benefits, especially to the tourists. From our real-world experience, it works really smoothly and perfectly. To know more about this, visit our RATP Tickets on the mobile phone page. To know more about the tariff and limitations of Navigo visit our page public transport Paris

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