Paris Public Transport - Tickets on Mobile

Good news! RATP now officially announced that  travelers of Paris public transport can now use their mobile phones to validate their travel tickets. It is possible to validate your tickets in all modes of transport. You can use it on Metros, RER, Buses, Trams, Airport transfers, and Transilien Trains. 

How can I load Paris transport tickets into mobile phones?

To load transport tickets to your smartphone, download the Île-de-France Mobilités app for Android / IOS (Currently iPhones can not be used for validating tickets, but you can load your tickets into your Navigo pass using an iPhone).  After finishing the first installation you need to install an extension of the IDF app:- My Navigo Tickets into your phone. The second application is not visible on your display, so don’t need to worry about that. Once you installed the two applications on your smartphone, create an account on the IDF app. Then click the “Purchase” tab from the bottom menu and select the “On my phone” option. After that, you can select your tickets, pay with your bank card and load your tickets into your smartphones. You can check the details of your ticket at any time on your smartphone. That’s it, Now you are ready to Go!

How does it work?

Once you load your transport tickets onto your smartphone, all you have to do is show your mobile phone in front of the validating terminal. Your smartphone must be on, but it does not need to be unlocked or open the application, thanks to the NFC technology. Make sure that your phone has enough battery charge to make entry and exit. It can be used even without an internet connection. The important thing is, don’t forget to validate your mobile phone in each entry. Sometimes you have to transfer from RER to Metro, Metro to Tram, Tram to Bus, etc. So for every transfer, make sure you validated your ticket. If the ticket controller comes to check your ticket, just show your mobile phone in front of their device. 

Note: From our real-world experience, it is necessary to have an internet connection on your phone in order to update the number of tickets in the application. Once the application refreshes its memory, you can validate the ticket without the internet. 

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Select Login / Register  from menu tab to create an account

After the installation and account creation, click the purchase tab 

Choose from On my phone or On my Navigo pass

After your purchase, you can check your ticket details here

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What are the Paris transport tickets that can be loaded into mobile phones?

  1. t+ ticket – €2.10
  2. Carnet 10 Tickets of t+ – €16.90
  3. Carnet 10 Tickets of t+ (reduced tariff) – €8,45
  4. Orly bus ticket – € 10.05
  5. Roissy bus ticket – € 14.15
  6. Navigo day, weekly and monthly pass – To consult the price click here
  7. Navigo youth weekend pass


This service is currently available only on Android Phones with NFC technology. The software version must be above Android 8. 


The IDF is also used for the navigation purpose. There are often traffic interruptions and problems with signaling that occur in the Paris public transport. Even Parisians uses this app to navigate.

This application gives detailed data about your entire travel, namely the different options of travel, the ongoing interruptions (which is very important in Paris), the total time taken for the entire journey, which platform will be the train arrives on, locations of the RATP ticket counters, the total cost of the trip etc..