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CDG Terminal 2

CDG Terminal 2 serves as the central hub of CDG Airport, featuring seven sub-terminals: 2A, 2B, 2C, 2D, 2E, 2F, and 2G. Notably, Terminals 2A to 2F are conveniently housed within the same building, while Terminal 2G is situated in a separate building. The terminals are interconnected with the walking pathways, except for 2G. Terminal 2G is accessible only by the shuttle buses

The terminal extends beyond just boarding gates; within this expansive building complex, you’ll find hotels, a metro station, a train station, and even a TGV station. The CDGVAL metro facilitates the connection between Terminal 2 and Terminals 1 and 3 at Charles de Gaulle Airport. Simultaneously, the RER (train to Paris), providing service to Paris, establishes a vital link between the heart of the city and the airport.

CDG Terminal 2 map

Transfers from Terminal 2

In Terminal 2, passengers have two convenient transfer options. For those with direct connection flights, airside transfer is the way to go. The process is made seamless with the help of three shuttle buses—Blue, Purple, and Orange—that cater specifically to airside passengers.

Alternatively, for all other passengers and the general public, landside transfer is available. To make this journey between terminals hassle-free, passengers can rely on the CDGVAL metro and Shuttle buses N1 and N2.

Airside Transfer

The Airside transfer inside Terminal 2 is a bit complicated because of the number of sub-terminals in Terminal 2. If your flight landed in terminal 2 and has a direct connection flight from another terminal then you should stay inside the Airside. Your baggage will automatically transferred to the connection flight. Once you enter the terminal check for the updated flight information from the TV display. After you’ve verified your terminal and boarding gate information, simply follow the yellow transfer signboards that correspond to your terminal. 

Depending on the terminal, you might have to take a shuttle bus to reach your boarding gate. The below map will give you a picture of your journey through CDG. 


Select your arrival terminal in CDG. We will guide you to your boarding gate!

Landside Transfer – Choose your terminal for your transfer

Book a taxi from CDG Airport

Pre-book your taxi and the driver will wait for you on the day of your arrival. Even in case of flight delays, your driver monitors it and will arrive accordingly.

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Transfers Within Terminal 2 - Landside transfer

The Sub-terminals 2A, 2B, 2C, 2D, 2E, and 2F of Terminal 2 are conveniently accessible on foot. These terminals are linked by walking corridors which makes the terminals easily accessible to everyone. On the map given below, you can see the shaded region and non-shaded region. The shaded region indicates the landside, which means everyone has access to that area. The non-shaded area indicates the Airside. This means only checked-in passengers have access to that area. It is highly recommended to choose to walk rather than take a shuttle bus if your health permits. 

The “N1” bus shuttle ensures a smooth transfer between terminals, providing a convenient option for passengers seeking shuttle services. The shuttles are easily accessible from outside of the terminal. You can find more details on the Airport shuttles page.

Terminal 2G is located in a distinct building and taking the shuttle “N2” is the only way to reach 2G. N2 has stops near 2G and 2F. You can transfer to N1 at 2F if you need to go to other terminals. Also if you are taking N1, you can transfer to N2 at 2F.

Transfers Within Terminal 2 - Map

CDG Airport hotels

Staying at a hotel inside Paris CDG Airport ensures that you have easy access to your departure gate or can quickly reach your hotel upon arrival. With the airport being closed at night, these hotels provide a practical solution, particularly for those with long layovers or early morning departures, as you can enjoy a peaceful night’s sleep without the need for additional transportation.

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